The Gifts We Give

Gifts We Give

I have just what you’ve been waiting for… Another sermon series design! I started out wanting to do a photo-driven layout, but couldn’t find images I was happy with. This is the first design I’ve drawn entirely on my Wacom tablet without working from a literal pencil sketch as a template. It worked great for the style I was shooting for, although any tighter line work would be hard to achieve this way.

Mechanical Maze Sketch

Mechanical Maze Sketch

I have been trying to find excuses to use my Wacom tablet in the hopes that I will develop some level of skill with it. Some level above zero is preferred.

This sketch was one I discovered laying around when shoveling off my desk the other day. It was originally something I worked up while brainstorming video game ideas. This was my first take on a mechanical¬†obstacle¬†course game concept. That’s about all the farther it got, although there may be some potential there… Anyway, I took the rough pencil sketch and dropped in some color using the tablet and some secret techniques I picked up from Tony Cliff. Now obviously this isn’t very refined. (Why didn’t I go back in and fix some of the perspective flaws?) But it was fun, and way easier than my efforts before I had the tablet.

Lets see what other sketches need some color around here…

Zeke Meets “Fine Art”

Zeke in Paint

I landed myself a Wacom tablet a while back, and have been looking for time to experiment with it ever since. I am still getting the feel for it, but the potential is exciting! The above sketch was done in Painter using oil paint, and then drawn over the top with pencil. The second sketch (below) was done with chalk and then rubbed down for a smoother final product.

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