DrawnTown with a view

I realized that I never posted the results from the last DrawnTown, which was nearly a month ago. I’m sure the tension is killing all the rabid fans out there…

Rabid fans? …Is that like a ceiling fan that’s foaming at the mouth? Lets hope I bolted that thing on good enough, or I’ll end up with a fan blade to the head! Freaky.

So, this DrawnTown was at Kiel’s trendy downtown apartment, and featured a selection of delicious soups and some homemade cider. I’m going to start coming just for the food… Oh, and there was some drawing too:

View out the window. (If you’re good you should be able to tell where Kiel lives just from this drawing.)


Another quick one (You’ve got to like a place that sports a chandelier like this.)


Check out more at GraphicContent.

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