Arctic Expedition Seal

Apparently I am an edge case. Greeting card manufacturers know what sells. A quick look down the card aisle reveals that women make the bulk of the buying decisions here (glitter seems to be a strong deciding factor). Any attempt to expand the appeal quickly devolves to “beer and bodily functions” style humor. Not really what I had in mind.

But I did want to send my brother something tangible to supplement his birthday gift…

When in doubt, break out the sketch pad, right? I seem to be on some kind of hand-drawn typography kick lately. I came up with this seal, surrounded it with the names of a few cold weather explorers, and tucked it behind the formidable silhouette of Mt. McKinley. The perfect fit for a guy getting ready for a month of fun in the Alaskan back-country. I can’t imagine why Walgreen’s doesn’t carry something like this… Maybe right next to the section with the sparkly pony cards.

Here is a closer look:

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  1. I couldn’t agree more about the greeting card demographic. There’s never anything out there that’s masculine, thoughtful & still get’s the point across. Well played on the analysis and the card design!

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