Awesome Hot Chocolate Packaging

Around my house we always seem to sucker ourselves into creating at least a few hand made Christmas gifts. The wild goose chases trying to find obscure materials are always epic. This year one such gift was a batch of fancy hot chocolate mix. First we had to find and perfect a hot chocolate recipe. We were forced to drink many steaming mugs of hot cocoa over the course of our research. It was grueling work, as you can imagine.

However, simply handing people a pile chocolate dust doesn’t work very well:

Merry ChristmaaaAchoo! …oh, sorry about that. Don’t worry, it will melt into the carpet, and disappear in no time…

We needed packaging for our “awesome hot chocolate.” I didn’t want to resort to the classic, but not very classy, canning-jar-with-label technique. After some goose chasing, we were able to supply ourselves with plastic bags from a candy-making supply store that looked perfect. Of course a zip-lock bag full of powder isn’t exactly decorative. Dress it up with some shiny foil wrapping paper, however, add a whimsical custom label, and you’ve got something nearly presentable.

You’ll notice we’re still transporting plastic bags full of a fine powdered substance… across state lines… so look for us on the news this Christmas Eve.

Below is how the final product turned out:

Original Hot Chocolate

For more photos:

Mint Hot Chocolate

Each baggie holds enough mix to make two cups of hot chocolate.

Original Hot Chocolate

The labels were laser printed and trimmed from a 8.5×11 sheet of self-adhesive label paper.

Mint Hot Chocolate

Hmmm… I might need to do some more research…

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  1. Curious why I am only seeing this in picture on your Web site, and not in the cupboard at the office? Would have been much more compelling in person…hint, hint.

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