Young and Old Portraits

young and old portrait color

This is a pencil sketch I did a while ago exploring some character ideas. Then on a whim I did a color study with it in photoshop. Typically I draw on white paper, so I’m intrigued by how a bold color in the background can influence and permeate the whole color palette as I work. I’m afraid all this digital manipulation is a creative crutch for me when it comes to color, but hopefully I am actually learning somethings along the way. Maybe. Read More …

Sketching is hot in Europe

Cassie Sketch

It was a dark and stormy night… No, scratch that. It was dark and ridiculously cold. As in, “my car is all the way across the street so I’m going to wait here till spring”, kind of cold. When I arrived down at Touch of Europe, a few starving artists were already lurking in the shadows, working in their sketchbooks. I pulled up a chair and scrawled out this quick sketch of Cassie sitting across from me. Emphasis on quick. As you can see, she was wearing all kinds of layers which provided lots of folds and textures to try and sort out, as well as protection from the cold… as long as she didn’t go outside.

Hmmm… I probably shouldn’t have mentioned who this is supposed to be. Now everyone can tell how much it doesn’t really look like her. Oh well. Sorry Cassie! Another DrawnTown in the books. I’ll be looking forward to the next one. Maybe something in the Caribbean?

You can see what other people were up to over at Graphic Content.

Found Baseball Sketch

found baseball

I was wandering through the park near my house the other day, and stumbled upon an old baseball someone had left in the tall grass. Rather than wait to see if a baseball tree would sprout next spring, I decided to take it home and do this sketch. I was having fun reproducing the distressed texture of the leather, when I realized my fancy drawing was basically just a circle centered on the page. Fancy, huh? All the compositional complexity of the Japanese flag. Oh, well. I like it anyway.

I also found some time to experiment in photoshop. I thought this colored version had an interesting look… Read More …

Statue of David sketch

Statue of David sketch

I have never been much good at figure drawing, and this is further evidence. However, for the one year anniversary of Drawn Town, I decided to dive right in and sketch the guest of honor. The lighting was intense, and the shadows were moving fast during the event, so I’ll use that as my excuse for the lack of subtlety. Yeah, the sun was in my eyes, that was it.

For full disclosure, this was done with a plain old “2B” pencil, and then I gave it a slight sepia bump in Photoshop. Here is a link to see what other people came up with.