Gaming Levels Sketch

Gaming Levels color sketch

Inspired by the Web2Summit map, I was doing some more sketching with SketchBook Pro on the iPad. I am interested to see how much a specific artist’s style shows across mediums, versus, conforming to the tool at hand. I did a similar sketch a while back with literal pencil and paper. I can see my “fingerprint” in each, although this digital sketch does look like I was having to work a bit harder to find the correct lines.

Of course, the nice thing about digital is you can easily have multiple versions of the same art. Here is the same sketch with the color taken out. Read More …

First Blush: SketchBook Pro for the iPad

Fishermans Wharf of San Francisco


Ever since I got an iPad, I have been on the lookout for a good sketching app. I started with Adobe Ideas, which is a nice and simple app. It tries to balance a loose-hand drawn feel with vector-based artwork. And its free, which is always a nice feature. With all that, however, Adobe Ideas left me wanting for actual sketching purposes. It auto-simplifies your lines, and reduces things to hard edged vectors. That is fine for some applications, but I was interested in something more painterly.

A few days ago I came across SketchBook Pro by Autodesk. I figured the guys who make Maya, Inventor, and 3DS Max could put together a decent sketch program, so I coughed up the $8 and took the plunge.

Below is my very first, experimental sketch with SketchBook Pro: (the deeper meaning is obvious…)

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